I.             Rich – Poor

A.    Real wages went up or down in Industrial Revolution?

B.    But…look at the Lorenz Curve

1.    Lorenz curve shows who has the money (or not)

2.    Shows how industrialization was creating a growing rich-poor gap. Maybe Karl Marx is right?

II.           The Middle Class

A.    Was a diverse class with 3 sub-classes

1.    Upper-middle class

a.    business families, bankers, industry, commerce

b.    fancy, showy lifestyle, pretentious & ostentatious, YUPPIES

c.    private coaches or carriages as status symbols

2.    Middle, middle class

a.    moderately successful in business, law, medicine, management, PROFESSIONALS

3.    Lower-middle class

a.    small business & shopkeepers, white-collar employees, clerks

B.    Middle class culture

1.    spent most money on food & entertaining dinner parties

2.    concerned for kids

3.    concerned for moral standards (traditional Christian morals)

III.          Working class

A.    80 % were in this class

B.    Not united b/c they were from a wide array of jobs

a. highly skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled

C.    Largely were straight-laced, puritanical & strict on drink & sex

D.   Leisure & religion

1.    #1 leisure activity – drinking!

2.    Sports & music halls

3.    Religion took a bit of a back seat to hustle-bustle of city life